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Spacer SpacerWelcome to my first-ever personal website. After 30 years of design, I felt it was long overdue. It also struck me recently, whilst looking through a pile of archive discs that a great number of these designs, things I had totally forgotten, would likely remain that way unless I did something about it.


So here’s a good cross-section of work going back to Bill Smith Studio days (1984-2002), designing albums for a format called ‘vinyl’ through to projects designed since setting up on my own back in 2008. You’ll mostly see the final printed / published versions although there’s a couple of items I’ve slightly modified and for some I’ve chosen a preferred alternative design. There’s also several sleeves which pre-date digital design and have been scanned in from the original vinyl.


The video in the centre shows the opening credits / captions I designed for BBC4’s Paul Carrack documentary, ‘The Man With The Golden Voice’ – With a title like that, I felt a kind of James Bond parody was appropriate for the opening title screen.










Feel free to contact me via Facebook or Twitter if you have a project you’d like me to get involved in, or if you have a question or comment about the work here. I hope you like the work.