MMF WebsiteSpacerUKMusicFestivalsTB MIcrosite AMA_Homepage2CatHeadWeb Essential_HomepageSpacer VitalWith music festival fever in full swing (as I write this), I thought it an appropriate time to add my UK Music Festivals interactive map. The map was produced last summer to highlight the huge amount of music festivals held across the UK each year. The full version has 200+ festival names, all of which are clickable links to their websites. You can click on the image to see the interactive version. An A2 poster was also produced which was given to those attending the 2012 Olympic Games in London.


I have had the pleasure of designing a number of my client’s websites. It tends to be that they are initially looking for a new logo and once that has been organised, a new website is the next step.


4 of the 5 designs shown here are such cases with the Mike Oldfield microsite being the exception. This was commissioned by Warner Music Spain and was produced in English and Spanish. This type of site doesn’t tend to be around for long as they’re purely used to promote a new album. This was pretty much the case with too. The others are currently live and can be viewed in isolation by clicking the appropriate image.

Posted by admin on 9 February 2013