As well as book covers, I also design entire books, here you’ll find several examples of both. I’ve worked with IB Tauris & PWP (now imprints of Bloomsbury Publishing) for many, many years. I also do a lot of work for JKP (an imprint of Hachette UK) and I’m enjoying the design challenges their range of books provides.



gazaunderhamasSpacer EnverHoxhaSpacerHiddenTreasuresSpacerInertCitiesIvor Roberts-JonesSpacer Spacer FrankHoll SpacerTastesOfByzantiumSpacerIslamicArchitectureSpacerFemininityInTheFrame SpacerMasterOfAtticBlackSpacer LeniRiefenstahl SpacerSpacerThePolicyNetworkSeries


Posted by admin on 9 February 2013