Here’s a small selection of some of the music design projects I’ve been involved with in the last 35 years. Some go back to Bill Smith Studio days, others since I set up on my own. Some were produced in close collaboration with the artist or band, others trust in you and basically, let you get on with it! There’s no ‘typical circumstances’ when it comes to designing an album or single. Hover over several of the images to see a brief project description.

helenegreenwood Spacer Bluehearts Porcelain_AlbumCover SpacerSpacerRobertPalmer_RPRB Spacer AlisonMoyet_Hometime Spacer BestOfVanMorrison Spacer VanSingleSpacer DirtyWorkWorkSpacer UB40_CoverUpSpacer  CoverUp_AlbumBackSpacerMelanieB_Single SpacerEmmaBuntonSpacerGaryBarlow_Stronger Spacer VividAlbumSpacer SpacerLynden_PromoCalendarSpacerSigueSigueSputnikSingleSpacerBSS_100

Posted by admin on 10 March 2019