As you’ll see from the examples on show, I B Tauris and Philip Wilson Publishers are my main source of work within book design but I’ve recently added Jessica Kingsley Publishers (JKP) to my client list and I’m enjoying the design challenges their range of books provides.



gazaunderhamasSpacerNatural CuriositySpacer EnverHoxhaSpacerHiddenTreasuresSpacerInertCitiesSpacerVincent van GoghSpacerIvor Roberts-JonesSpacer Spacer FrankHoll SpacerTastesOfByzantiumSpacerIslamicArchitectureSpacerFemininityInTheFrame SpacerMasterOfAtticBlackSpacer StruggleForNigeriaSpacerLeniRiefenstahl SpacerSpacerThePolicyNetworkSeries


Posted by admin on 9 February 2013